France: Paymium exchange allows Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) deposits

Paymium allows its customers to deposit Liquid Bitoin (L-BTC).

The French exchange became a member of the “Liquid Foundation” in July 2020.

The Paymium exchange now allows its customers to deposit Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC)

Paymium x Liquid Bitcoin

At the end of July 2020, Paymium became a member of the “Liquid Foundation” led by Blockstream as well as 7 other companies.

The Liquid Federation has a total of 53 members, which primarily includes cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

The withdrawal functionality is under development. Developed by the Blockstream company, the Liquid Network is a Bitcoin “sidechain” managed by a federation of players.

Its token, the L-BTC, is set at one-to-one bitcoin

As the security and management of exchanges are delegated to a limited number of professional players, L-BTC transactions are therefore faster (one block every minute), cheaper and more confidential than those of the Bitcoin network.


Digital Gold [Bitcoin] holder bedre, når fysisk guld får et hit

Bitcoin er et paradis for mange institutionelle investorer, ifølge den amerikanske bankkæmpe JP Morgan .

Dette blev for nylig set som prisen på guld falder 4% efter nyheden om en vaccine til den næsten et år lange coronaviruspandemi

Det farmaceutiske firma, der udviklede vaccinen, Pfizer, sagde, at vaccineforsøget var vellykket, da vaccinen forhindrede 90% af de mennesker, der meldte sig frivilligt til det kliniske løb. Testen er ikke forbi endnu, men indtil videre fungerer vaccinen langt bedre end forventet.

Akiko Iwasaki, en immunolog ved Yale University, sagde, at han ikke forventede vaccinens resultat. Han forventer kun 55%, måske som et resultat. Da nyheden om forsøget spredte sig, faldt prisen på guld fra $ 1.954 pr. Ounce til $ 1.871.

Guld er ikke det eneste aktiv, der har reageret på coronavirus-vaccinenyheden – aktiemarkedet

For eksempel registrerede Zoom et tab på 18%, mens andre funktioner på aktiemarkedet som FTSE viste en gevinst på ca. 5,2%.

Når så meget foregår på de forskellige finansielle markeder, er bitcoin derimod meget bullish. Fordi det er bullish og har mere potentiale, strømmer forhandlere fra flere sektorer, der klarer sig godt for at handle BTC.

Flere handlende vil betyde mere udbud. Hvis minearbejdere ikke er i stand til at imødekomme dette voksende behov, vil BTC-priserne stige. Selvom bitcoin faldt fra $ 15.800 til omkring $ 14.800, var det digitale guld hurtigt at komme sig og handles nu til $ 15.180, der ser ud til at fortsætte sit opadgående træk.

Nuværende mønstre skaber et bullish flag, der indikerer, at priserne forbedres når som helst fra nu af. Derudover er RSI stigende og bekræfter, at flere handlende strømmer ind på markedet. RSI er en indikator, der viser handlernes handlinger. Antag at alle handlende kan arbejde sammen og opretholde den nuværende RSI, da den er stigende. BTC kan bryde modstandsniveauet på $ 15.200 og kan teste modstanden på $ 15.400


The 5 best marketplaces for Non Fungible Tokens (NFT)

In 2020, the Non Fungible Token (NFT) ecosystem has experienced rapid growth. The media frenzy around NFTs has raised awareness of virtual assets and many see the NFT hype as the next big trend after the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) madness. But where can NFTs be traded?

While many questions arise as to whether the DeFi boom is already over, another revolution is brewing in the NFT space. NFTs are unique and therefore not exchangeable 1:1 for other tokens. All assets that can be tokenised can be NFTs. These include (digital) works of art, trading cards, game items or crypto-domains. Just a few weeks ago we introduced the top three NFT crypto currencies to you. Today we want to take a look at the five largest NFT marketplaces.

Why are NFTs revolutionary?

NFTs can be used to transparently map ownership relationships on a public block chain. This allows them to store value just like real objects, even though further copies can easily be made. For example, the original picture of the Mona Lisa is worth much more than an identical copy, because everyone knows which picture is the original. The revolutionary thing about NFTs is that for the first time they can create scarcity in virtual space.

Two token standards in the NFT sector that you need to know

There are currently two Ethereum token standards for NFTs. One is the most widely used ERC-721 standard, which allows the creation of individual tokens. The token standard uses a new smart contract for each NFT.

There is also the ERC-1155 standard, which allows bundled transactions of NFTs and makes a theoretical creation of an infinite number of tokens possible with a single Smart Contract. The ERC-1155 standard is also known as the News Spy standard, as it handles the storage and creation of different NFTs in a single Smart Contract. It is superior to other ERC standards in that it is cheaper and more effective.

If you want to trade NFTs, you can choose from a growing number of marketplaces.

5th Enjin Marketplace: A marketplace for gamers

The Enjin Marketplace is the official marketplace for Enjin-based NFTs. Users can trade Non Fungible Tokens easily and quickly via the website. In addition, Enjin published one of the first trading places for NFTs and is also considered the inventor of the ERC-1155 standard. To buy NFTs, you need ENJ tokens. Ethereum is also needed to enable transactions to be carried out.

The Enjin platform is aimed specifically at gamers, whereby different items can be used in several games. The Enjin marketplace has a considerable trading volume, lists thousands of items and offers a clear web interface. According to DappReview, there are more than 1 billion ERC-1155 items, for which over one million US dollars have already been deposited with ENJ.

4 Rarible: Receive RARI tokens for trading NFTs

Rarible enables the creation and trading of NFTs. The platform also has its own governance token called RARI. This token enables participation in votes on important matters. Users can keep the generated NFTs, give them away or sell and buy them on the marketplace. In addition, users of the Rarible platform receive RARI tokens as a reward for trading NFTs.

The interface allows NFT creators to set rules. This means, for example, that they will receive a part of the price paid for each subsequent transfer of ownership. In addition, the marketplace offers a clear user interface that is constantly evolving.

3 SuperRare: A marketplace for artists

SuperRare, as the name suggests, deals with super rare art. It is therefore an NFT marketplace that deals specifically with digital artwork. The platform stands out from other NFT marketplaces through social profiles, a mobile app, live auctions and advanced payment options.

Via SuperRare, artists have already sold art worth more than three million US dollars.

2 Decentraland: Marketplace in the virtual world

Decentraland can best be described as a Minecraft-like virtual world where NFTs can be traded. Users can also purchase unique plots that they can develop freely. In addition, various games can be played in the virtual world. Currently there is a Halloween special where you can win boxes from which you can get different things:

Within Decentraland, MANA holders can use the token as a means of payment for the various NFTs. In addition, MANA gives the users a governance right in Decentraland. This enables the community itself to vote on permissible NFT contracts, marketplace rules and other transactions in Decentraland.

1 Opensea: Universal marketplace for NFTs

Opensea is the largest trading place for NFTs to date and allows trading in all types of NFTs. Therefore, users can trade, buy and sell art, game items, collectibles, domain names, etc. on Opensea. The diversity of the offer puts all other marketplaces in the shade. In addition, the platform has several auction functions and is fully integrated into the crypto infrastructure.

Although Opensea is the largest NFT marketplace in the crypto space, the platform does not have its own token and currently only serves as an interface for trading NFTs. For example, NFTs from Decentraland, SuperRare and Enjin can be traded on Opensea.


L’indicateur montre que Bitcoin est „suracheté“

L’indicateur montre que Bitcoin est „suracheté“, le profit moyen des investisseurs atteignant 115 %

  • Bitcoin pourrait bien former un sommet à moyen terme autour de ses récents sommets, les multiples rejets affichés à 13 800 $ ne supportant pas trop bien ses perspectives à court terme
  • La cryptocouronne reste prise dans une puissante tendance haussière, mais ce niveau s’avère incroyablement difficile à franchir pour les taureaux
  • S’ils continuent à ne pas trouver de stabilité autour de ce niveau malgré la clôture mensuelle haussière des bougies, cela pourrait indiquer une faiblesse des acheteurs
  • Une société d’analyse constate que Bitcoin se négocie en territoire „suracheté“ depuis quelques jours
    Ils notent que cela vient du fait que l’acheteur moyen de la CTB réalise un bénéfice de 115 % sur ses pièces

Bitcoin et l’ensemble du marché de la cryptographie ont connu une forte Bitcoin Method vente du jour au lendemain, qui s’est produite de manière assez inattendue.

Auparavant, le Bitcoin était stable puisqu’il s’échangeait au-dessus de 13 800 $, les taureaux tentant de se constituer une base solide de soutien à ce niveau tout en visant un mouvement au-delà de 14 000 $.

Du jour au lendemain, cependant, il a dû faire face à un afflux massif de pression de vente qui a fait baisser son prix jusqu’à 13 430 $.

Une société d’analyse a noté dans un récent tweet qu’une hausse de la rentabilité moyenne des investisseurs de Bitcoin a placé la cryptocouronne en territoire de „surachat“.

Cela signifie que sa vente ne fait que commencer.

Bitcoin fait face à un rejet de 13 800 $ alors que les ours reprennent le contrôle

Au moment où nous écrivons ces lignes, Bitcoin est en baisse d’un peu plus de 2 % à son prix actuel de 13 430 dollars. Ce prix est proche de celui auquel il s’était négocié au début de la semaine précédant le rallye, à 14 100 $.

Ces sommets n’ont été fixés que pendant un bref instant avant que les ours ne reprennent le contrôle et le forcent à descendre vers 13 800 $.

La nuit dernière, il a fait face à un afflux intense de pression à la vente qui l’a fait basculer vers la région des 13 000 dollars – où il se consolide maintenant.

La société d’analyse Santiment a expliqué qu’un indicateur technique clé est le clignotement de signes indiquant que le rallye de la cryptocouronne a été trop prolongé.

Ils notent que cela, associé à un profit moyen élevé parmi les investisseurs, indique que de nouvelles pressions de vente sont imminentes.

„Le nouveau modèle de divergence MVRV de [Santiment] indique que Bitcoin est en territoire de surachat, selon les bénéfices réalisés par les traders moyens sur différentes périodes. En particulier, au cours des six derniers mois, les opérateurs moyens de la CTB ont réalisé des bénéfices de +114,7%“, ont-ils déclaré.

La prochaine tendance en matière de bitcoin dépendra probablement en grande partie de la décision de ces investisseurs très rentables de retirer de l’argent de la table.